Regulations & Standards

BASIXThe Building Sustainability Index, sets the energy and water restriction targets for houses and units.  Its aim is to reduce water usage and greenhouse gas emissions.  It provides a free online program to help councils, building designers as well as homeowners to meet these targets.

ICANZ - The Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand

BCA Regulations - Building Code of Australia, provides building regulations for all states and territories in Australia and has been adopted by the Building Acts and Regulations Legislation.  It ensures the achievement and maintenance of acceptable building standards, structural, safety, health and amenity for the benefit of all people and that these standards are consistent across the country.  It provides technical information for all areas related to building such as structure, fire resistance, access and egress, services and equipment and health and amenity.

Australian Standards for Insulation

ASINZS 4859.1 2002 is the foundation insulation standard set out in the BCA which sets the criteria and technical provisions for various insulation materials to be tested by.    Products must be tested every 5 years by a recognised laboratory relevent to this standard.  Copies of the test reports are to be made available when required.

AS1530.1 Fire Standards for non combustibility

AS1530.2 Surface fire performance for facing and foils

AS1530.3 fire performance for batts and loose fill

AS/NZS 48S9.1 Compliance Testing, Products must be

Australian Standards for Installation

The performance of the insulation is largely dependent on correct installation method.

AS 3999-1992 sets out the standards for correct installation methods for various types of thermal insulation.  A few examples of guidelines that the standards cover are:

  • snug fitting insulation which is butted to timbers and joists.  Gaps causes significant loss in the thermal performance of the insulation
  • dealing with electrical cabling and separators as well as downlights, flues, fans etc.
  • site inspections prior to installation of insulation