Thermal Insulation

Climate change and the challenge of reducing carbon emissions are now foremost on the agenda of Governments, councils, industry and consumers improving energy efficiency is one of the cheapest most accessable and effective ways to cut green house emissions from buildings.

Thermal Insulation will keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter.

To find out more about your preferred products for thermal applications, click on the download links below.

Underfloor Insulation

Polymax Floor

Is a user-friendly environmentally sustainable insulation product specifically developed for new and existing suspended ground floors. No personal protective clothing masks or gloves are required when handling and installing.

Pink® Floor Batts

A lightweight and flexible glasswool product, specially designed for the thermal insulation in underfloor applications. They have the added benefit of being an effective sound absorber and so contribute to both the thermal and acoustic comfort of building occupants.

Acoustic Insulation

Pink Acousti-Therm

Pink® Acousti-Therm® batts are excellent for reducing noise transfer between rooms and enables high R-values for external walls to be achieved with limited cavity size.

Pink SonoBatts Acoustic

14 kg/m³, The perfect solution for partition walls between tenancies, bathrooms, laundries and theatre rooms.  Made from lightweight glasswool and are easily and quickly installed into timber stud framing for residential buildings.   Excellent sound absorbtion as well as thermal properties.

Pink SonoBatts Premium Acoustic

32kg/m3, an ideal alternative to Rockwool for ceiling insulation, wall cavities and between floors.  In glasswool batts the SonoBatt Premium would be the most superior in sound absorption qualities.  Perfect for between floors, theatre rooms etc.  with the 100mm R3.0 thermal rating they are an ideal solution for ceilings of homes under flight paths if combined with the Permastop Building Blanket.

Pink High Density Batts

Can be used for acoustic purposes plus increased R-Value in smaller cavities.  It is a cost effective alternative and the higher R-rating on these batts will enable it to fit into narrower cavities.

Martini Polymax Acoustic Batts

The Polyester alternative for acoustic purposes.  It is extremely versatile and easy to install into walls, ceilings and floors where noise is an issue.  May be used to absorb external noise as well as noise between rooms such as theatre rooms and bathrooms.